Why Go For Sea Kayaking In Europe

Kayaking holiday can be enjoyed all over Europe. However, Croatia has stood out in the recent past as being the best destination for such an adventure. This has been occasioned by the clear blue seas and the stunning coast that we have in Croatia. In this article, we are going to look at all aspects that have to do with sea kayaking.

What is sea kayaking?

man kayakingFirst of all, let us start by defining and explaining what sea kayaking is. Sea kayaking is defined as a recreational sport where the participants use recreational boats that go by the name of kayaks. The boats enable one to explore several waterways. This places can include rivers, seas white water rapids surf zones or even lakes. One requires minimal skill to engage in this sport; this is why the activity is enjoyed by all. We have different types of kayaking it is, therefore, natural that there are a large number of kayaking destinations in Europe.The sport is very popular in Europe hence the high number of destinations.

Why go for a kayaking holiday?

For those individuals who like being active most of the time, they like being outdoors most of the time and also like trying out new things, then trying out a kayaking holiday can be a perfect option for you. To spice thing even further the newest destination that has been discovered for being best for kayaking is Croatia.

Why Croatia the best kayaking destination in Europe

Amazing views and scenery

It is amazing to engage in kayaking in Croatia; one will have the opportunity to explore the wonderful sceneries and amazing views that are in and around the Elafiti islands and Dubrovnik. The base of Lopud island also known as the living island offers a sunny and picturesque view. The island also offers magnificent and green scenery. It also has sandy beaches that have white limestone with no traffic which makes it so ideal for kayaking.

Amazing waterfront

Croatia has a colorful and vibrant waterfront that has some amazing, quirky waterfront cafes and restaurants. The ingredient and foods that are served in this hotels are grown locally, so one has a feel of the traditional foods and culture. Some of this restaurants and locals at times produce their wine and olive oil.

Additional incentives

Besides being a wonderful kayaking destination, Croatia coast line is well known as a former garden of the grand villa due to its collection of plants from all over the world. The island is also quite secure and has a peaceful night life if you wish to extend your fun time.kayaking

Natural features

Besides the wonderful beaches that have blue water, one gets to experience the incredible natural features while kayaking. These features include giant rock landscapes, hidden caves, high cliffs, colorful reefs and beautiful bays. It is not only kayaking that takes place here you can also engage in activities like rafting, cycling, swimming, snorkeling and many others.

You are welcome to discover the wonderful sea kayaking in Croatia a place famously known as “ pearl of the Adriatic.”