Trolling Motors For Kayaks Buying Guide

Kayaking is undeniably a healthy activity. It allows you to be one with nature while giving you the opportunity to exercise. It gives you a relaxing atmosphere. You could contemplate with your life while kayaking.

What is more, you can go fishing with a kayak. However, doing two activities at the same time in the middle of the sea can sometimes be tiresome. Imagine paddling while also trolling for fish. It is for this reason why seasoned fishing hobbyists put a motor on their kayaks.

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Putting a motor on your kayak is really advantageous, especially if fishing is your main activity when using kayaks. For instance, it will help you reel in big fishes without being dragged out further to sea. However, you must find the best trolling motors for kayak if you want the best experience.

Your Kayak Size

For starters, keep in mind that the size of your kayak is an important consideration when buying a motor. See to it that you purchase the right size of motor depending on the size of your kayak. You can choose 12V, 24V, or 36V depending on the size of your kayak. Obviously, you should pick the biggest motor if you have a big kayak because you will need more power. For instance, you should choose a 36V if you have a 19-Foot kayak.


One more vital factor to consider is the brand reputation. For this reason, you should narrow down your search to only the trusted manufacturers of these engines. This is particularly true if this is your first time buying. It is also essential to purchase from a vendor that offers a warranty. Make sure to get an excellent warranty period because it will safeguard your investment. Keep in mind that regardless of who the manufacturer is, a factory defect is always unavoidable.


You do not want to invest in something that is not cost-efficient. You might be tempted to purchase an affordable kayak, but the maintenance cost will hurt your pocket. Therefore, always take maintenance into account when buying a motor.


Finally, you should put an emphasis on the cost of the motor. You do not want to overspend. This that not mean though that you should pick the cheapest motor available. Instead, put an emphasis on the factors mentioned above before setting up a budget. Once you have considered the factors above, you should start looking for the best value for money motors.

With the factors mentioned above, finding the best motor for your kayak is no longer difficult.

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5 Categories Of Outdoor Adventure Activities To Pursue

Known as a great way to bond with nature outdoor adventure is also a way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Most of these activities are carried out away from the noise and in the open with no or minimal use of motorized power. They also give you the perfect opportunity to get to know your endurance levels much more deeply.

Below are some of the outdoor adventure activities

1. Mountain activities

outdoor adventure activityThey include enjoying time out in the forests and rough terrains of a mountain and enjoying the solitude. However, not all these experiences happen in faraway places, an adventure activity can be carried out a few blocks from the city. They involve having trails whereby individuals challenge themselves by picking the best one suited for them.

2. Water activities

Water activities can be carried out on either seawater or fresh water lakes. One of the most popular such activity is snorkeling. Paddle boarding is another activity that you can enjoy so much playing with the surface of the water bodies.

3. Air activities

They combine the thrill of flying and serenity of being up in the sky observing the earth into one. Gliding is an activity enjoyed by many, pilots fly through the air with unpowered aircraft called gliders and they are carried by currents of rising air. The main objective of the sport is to see who can stay airborne the longest in terms of time and distance covered.

4. Family activities

 Family activitiesFun activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family together no matter size and age, mostly these activities are used to bond the family. Everything from whitewater rafting adventures to visiting outdoor adventure parks falls under this category. The key is to find activities that offer fun and games for all age groups to accommodate the whole family.

5. Educational and cultural activities

These are activities where by an individual not only has fun but also experiences the real ‘thing’. They are best described by the mantra that you learn by experience. They are usually used to impart knowledge to the upcoming generations. Calling for dressing, walking, eating and even living in the same quarters as did their ancestors.

Outdoor adventure activities play an important task in character building. They not only provide a means to keep in shape but also the appreciation of nature. The satisfaction gained after one has successfully gone through with one of the above-mentioned activities is colossal.