Trolling Motors For Kayaks Buying Guide

Kayaking is undeniably a healthy activity. It allows you to be one with nature while giving you the opportunity to exercise. It gives you a relaxing atmosphere. You could contemplate with your life while kayaking.

What is more, you can go fishing with a kayak. However, doing two activities at the same time in the middle of the sea can sometimes be tiresome. Imagine paddling while also trolling for fish. It is for this reason why seasoned fishing hobbyists put a motor on their kayaks.

kayak fishing

Putting a motor on your kayak is really advantageous, especially if fishing is your main activity when using kayaks. For instance, it will help you reel in big fishes without being dragged out further to sea. However, you must find the best trolling motors for kayak if you want the best experience.

Your Kayak Size

For starters, keep in mind that the size of your kayak is an important consideration when buying a motor. See to it that you purchase the right size of motor depending on the size of your kayak. You can choose 12V, 24V, or 36V depending on the size of your kayak. Obviously, you should pick the biggest motor if you have a big kayak because you will need more power. For instance, you should choose a 36V if you have a 19-Foot kayak.


One more vital factor to consider is the brand reputation. For this reason, you should narrow down your search to only the trusted manufacturers of these engines. This is particularly true if this is your first time buying. It is also essential to purchase from a vendor that offers a warranty. Make sure to get an excellent warranty period because it will safeguard your investment. Keep in mind that regardless of who the manufacturer is, a factory defect is always unavoidable.


You do not want to invest in something that is not cost-efficient. You might be tempted to purchase an affordable kayak, but the maintenance cost will hurt your pocket. Therefore, always take maintenance into account when buying a motor.


Finally, you should put an emphasis on the cost of the motor. You do not want to overspend. This that not mean though that you should pick the cheapest motor available. Instead, put an emphasis on the factors mentioned above before setting up a budget. Once you have considered the factors above, you should start looking for the best value for money motors.

With the factors mentioned above, finding the best motor for your kayak is no longer difficult.

Houses with a pool on the front

How to choose the right holiday accommodation

Choosing holiday accommodation can be very frustrating. You need to take time and find holiday accommodation that is right for you. There is always a holiday accommodation option that will suit your needs. The first thing to understand when choosing holiday accommodation is the variety of options that are available to you. We have vacation rentals, hotels, cottages, hostels, camps and other forms. It all depends on the type of accommodation that you think is ideal for you. Before you think about any option, it is important to learn how to choose holiday accommodation.

Choosing holiday accommodation


When you decide to go on holiday, the first thing that you consider is your budget. For many people, accommodation takes the biggest chunk of the holiday accommodation budget. When looking for accommodation, you can always look at the options that fit your budget. Make sure that you do a comparison of the available and look at the best deal for you. When choosing an accommodation on your budget, it is important to avoid accommodation options with a lot of hidden charges because these inflate the cost.

 holiday accommodation

Solo or family

Whether you are traveling solo or as a family, you need to choose the right accommodation for your needs. For solo travelers, hotels are a good option because they offer the convenience of one person. On the other hand, when traveling as a family, consider other options like vacation rentals are a good option because all the members of the family share one house.


You need to determine the location of your accommodation versus the areas that you are likely to visit during your stay. It is advisable for the accommodation to be near the places that you want to visit. When the accommodation is near, you will avoid spending extra money on transport and also avoid wasting time moving to and from your accommodation.

Amenities and features

The amenities and the features of the accommodation option should be ideal for you. Make sure that the hotel or apartment that you choose has everything that you need. You will avoid many problems and inconveniences if you can get everything that you want at a go.

hotel room

Privacy and policies

It is important to feel safe and secure while on holiday and privacy is one of the ways to feel safe. The accommodation should be able to keep you private and avoid disturbances. Also, take the time to read about the policy of the accommodation like money return policy and other aspects.


Reasons To Travel Abroad

Whenever you get the opportunity to travel abroad, you should maximize on it. This is because traveling abroad comes with so many advantages and new experiences that no one would want to miss out on. There might be many reasons to travel abroad, maybe for school, work, or even just a holiday. Whatever the reason, you can be sure to learn a lot in addition to the fun that you will have. For Tours of Tuscany, Tuscany Untouched Tours can handle all the traveling arrangements for you, allowing you to focus on only the fun part.

Main reasons for traveling abroad


Well, if you are the adventurous type, nothing will bring you more fulfillment than traveling abroad. There are lots of things to see and places to visit. You can finally get to see all the historic places you have heard of, game reserves, and other beautiful and dreamy destinations. Traveling to the destinations is the only way you can get the full experience of what it feels like to be there.


Traveling will allow you to learn about the different cultures abroad. Having firsthand experience of the cultural differences gives a better understanding of the way of life for different people, allowing you to appreciate them even more. For students, the cultural experience can go a long way to help you in your studies and improve your performance in school. Visiting a historic place, for example, can help you in your history and geography classes.


There are many different languages spoken all over the world. If you desire to understand any particular language, interacting with the natives of that language would be a great way to learn. If you had taken some lessons in, let’s say Swahili, you can get the opportunity of using it by traveling to East Africa.

Opportunities and connections

audience Everyone in the current world is looking for opportunity and connections. This can be in various fields as sports, jobs, or even education. Traveling abroad opens a wide door for you to get all these. You will meet new people and perhaps make great friends. Whatever it is that you have always dreamt of doing, you finally get the chance to do it.


If you love food, traveling abroad should be a priority. Different places have different food types with unique recipes. You can get to experience the different cuisines from various places abroad to give your taste buds a treat.